Northeast United Soccer Club (NEU)

Team Formation Policy for Recreational Play

Updated 22 May 2014


The intent of this policy is to allow as many interested and eligible youth as possible to participate in recreational soccer, while allowing registration to occur in a timely manner.


The Northeast United Soccer Club (hereafter referred to as the "Club") creates recreational soccer teams, in the Fall, based on school grade and gender. The Club does not recreate teams each season, therefore, priority is given to returning players to rejoin last season's team. The Club supports community soccer, and as such does not create teams that represent specific schools. However, the registrar will consider the following criteria when forming teams; roster size and balance among teams, coach availability, requests for specific teammates, and school affiliation.

Registration Procedure:

Registration for Fall Recreational Play opens May 1, of each year. If returning players register by May 31 of the current year, they can request to be placed on the team they played for the previous year.

After May 31st, the Club Registrar will assign all U8-U14 players to teams according to the following criteria, and in the following order:

Roster availability, including the balance of roster. The Registrar follows the guidelines outlined in the PYSA Registrar's Manual to determine roster size.

Registration Date.

Coach, player, or team request.

If a player requests a coach/player that cannot be accommodated due to a roster being full, the registrar will place the player on a team that needs players.

A waitlist will be created if rosters are full.

For U7 teams (which are all newly formed teams) the Registrar follows the following process for team assignment:

Coaches paired with Assistant Coaches and their child player.

Player requests according to registration date.

Roster size.

School affiliation

Roster Size

Absolute Minimums:

U7 - 6 players

U8 - 8 players

U9 & U10 - 7 players

U11 & U12 - 9 players

U13 & U14 - 11 players

Target Roster Size:

U7 & U8 - 10 players

U9 & U10 - 12 players

U11 & U12 - 14 players

U13 & U14 16 players

Absolute Maximums:

U7 & U8 - 12 players

U9 & U10 - 14 players

U11 & U12 - 16 players

U13 & U14 - 18 players

Roster Openings in Cases of Player Withdrawal:

If an assigned player decides to withdraw their registration, thereby creating a spot on a team that was requested by players to join, the Registrar will reassign/assign players as follows:

the earliest registration date AND player has requested to play for the team.

Registration Ends:

Registration for Fall recreational soccer closes August 1st. Registration may close earlier for specific age groups of teams are full and there are not enough coaches or players to form an additional team.

Late Registration Fee:

Players can still be assigned to teams after the 1st of August. Late registration will close the first week of team practices. This is traditionaly the 3rd or 4th week of August. There is a 15$ fee for late registration. This will only be charged if your player is placed on a team.

Spring League Recreational Soccer Team Formation:

Spring Teams are created by coaches from players who participated in the previous Fall season PYSA Recreational leagues. Coaches should first recruit players from their fall team before accepting guest players.

Guest players to a Spring League team roster are not automatically members of that team for the next Fall season.

Since there are no practices because of limited field availability, the Club does not usually register new players for Spring Recreational League play. However, exceptions are made for families who are new to Portland and missed the opportunity for Fall registration; or teams who need additional players to fill out the Spring League roster.

Development and Competitive Team Formation:

Development Team Formation is guided by the the "Development Program Policy".

Competitive Team Formation is guided by the "Competitive Team Formation Policy".

Registration and Rostering Procedures are managed separately under the policies for these Programs.